February 2020 Intermediate Tying video


Stonefly nymphs! You gotta have a few in your box for the spring and early summer. As the temperatures and the rivers rise, bouncing a stone pattern along the bottom of a fast moving trout stream can be really effective. I really like the Jelly stone, its small, has a great profile, and combines natural and synthetic materials to make a great looking stone. I think  the two-toned translucent "Jelly" abdomen is what makes this Stonefly pattern a winner.


Jan 2020 Tying video

Baitfish are a staple  for still and salt water fishing. Our recent trip to Louisiana really opened my eyes to just how productive baitfish patterns can be. Watching big predatory fish chase down these patterns was not only entertaining but just reaffirmed how effective they can be. Big redfish, pike, bass and big trout all take advantage of eating smaller fish. The baitfish pattern should be a go to in your box when you're thinking of catching bigger fish. This particular pattern is a fun tie and can be mixed and matched in many different colors to 'match the hatch' in your local waters.

December 2019 Tying video
Hot Head Foxie

Another pattern coming off the vice of our resident Euro nymphing expert Courtney Bailey. These patterns seem to keep gaining traction as Euro nymphing gets more and more popular. Its hard to resist those hot colored beads and the fish seem to agree. I like this pattern in the winter months bouncing along the bottom. So if you're new to the Euro nymphing game or want to tie this under a traditional strike indicator, both will work to get this fly in front of fish. Plus it's fun to tie.

  • Orientsun Jig hook size 10
  • Black UTC 70 thread
  • Hot colored slotted tungsten bead
  • Squirrel dub
  • Pheasant 
  • Wire 
  • lead wire


November Intermediate Tying video
Lightning Bug

Winter is creeping in on us so it's probably a good time to fill those boxes with nymphs. The Lightning  bug is basically a flashy version of the Copper John. I like to tie it on a curved nymph hook with buggy natural dubbing for the thorax. I've had good luck with this fly on the Madison river in MT as well as my home waters. Its a good all around attractor nymph.

  • Daiichi 1120 size 16
  • UTC 70 thread
  • flashabou
  • Thin Skin
  • Whiting Brahma Hen Saddle
  • Wapsi Whitlocks SLF dub
  • Small Wire
  • Brass bead in 2.4mm


October Intermediate Tying video

This pattern was requested by one of our subscribers. I thought it would be a good pattern to do because it applies to everyone . We have a lot of crayfish out west, and the people back east and the south use this pattern as well for Bass and Trout. Crayfish/Crawfish...whatever you call it. It's as cool pattern to tie.


  • Daiichi 2220 Streamer hook
  • 6/0 thread
  • round rubber
  • plastic eyes
  • lead wire .030
  • craw dub from Wapsi
  • med copper wire
  • Scud Back
  • Straight cut rabbit strips

September Intermediate tying video
Two Timin' Ant

It's ant pattern time.  This is one of my late summer /fall go to dry flies. It  doubles as a good caddis fly and well as a standard terrestrial. I really couldn't come up with a good name so I called it the two Timin' because of the two tones of dubbing. Enjoy!



  • Daiichi dry fly hook
  • 8/0 thread
  • Cinnamon dry fly dubbing
  • Tan dry fly dubbing
  • Whiting Dry fly hackle
  • Coastal deer hair
  • small round rubber
  • Krystal flash

August - Intermediate tying video

I wanted a streamer that was a little smaller that I could fish easily in the mountain streams around my home but I could also pound that banks from a drift boat on bigger water. This is how the Squirrel Bait was born. This fly features the TRAILER HITCH hooks that are so cool and easy to work with. This fly is only a couple of inches long but it swims like crazy. It also features the METAL HEAD, which has a little more weight than a regular cone head. I love fishing this little guy!


  • Trailer Hitch hooks size 10
  • Metal Head black nickel small baitfish
  • 6/0thread
  • Stripped Squirrel
  • Arizonal Simi Seal dubbing
  • Whiting Brahma Hen saddles