When will my card be charged?

When you sign up your card will be charged immediately for the first month. Your first box will ship on the 10th of the following month. Your card will then be charged on the first of the following month from then on. Example- If you signed up March 15 your card will be charged March 15, your box will ship April 10, then your card will be charged May 1, June 1....and so on.

When will my box ship?

Boxes ship the 10th of every month via USPS. 

How many flies come in the monthly fly box?

12 every month (6 patterns 2 of each) 

What is the quality of flies?

I'd say pretty damn good. I wouldn't send you any BS. All flies are tied on Daiichi or Dai-Riki hooks using Whiting farms hackle. 

What kind of flies am I getting?

You tell us where you live and the type of fish you like to target and we'll make a box. We try really hard to get you the right flies. Not all rivers in America are the same. If you have a trip coming up login to your account and let us know. We'll do the research and get a box for you. 

How many flies will I be able to tie from the Tying boxes?

It may vary month to month. Most of the time you'll get enough materials to tie at least 25 flies. If we do a simple pattern (Zebra Midges) we'll probably send enough to tie 50 flies. If we are doing Articulated Streamers we'll send enough materials to tie 12 flies. The tying boxes really are Awesome. 

What type of materials come in the tying boxes?

Daiichi Hooks, Uni Thread, Whiting Farms Hackle, Dubbing from Wapsi and Hareline, etc.. all good stuff.

How can I change my box?

You'll need to login to your account and cancel your subscription, then sign up for the new box you want. I know this is kind of a pain, I'm working on this to make it a little easier. 

How do I pause my subscription or Cancel?

No problem...just login to your account, under "my subscriptions" click "manage". Then click "subscription settings"