November 2019 Tying video
Bunny Leech

A great all around streamer, if you're fishing stillwater or rivers, the bunny leech is a must in your box. I've always enjoyed using these with hot beads to act as a egg sucking leech. I have fond memories of fishing this fly in black with an orange bead on the Salt River in Wyoming during the fall as a teenager. The rabbit gives it amazing movement, and the hot bead seems to make it too hard to pass up for a hungry brown trout. Try different color combinations and fill a box full of these, in a time with a bunch of complicated streamer patterns, sometimes simple is just best. 

  • Daiichi 2220 size 4
  • Hot bead 6.3mm
  • UTC 140 thread
  • Cross Cut bunny (two colors)
  • Zonker cut bunny (two colors)
  • flashabou


October 2019 Beginner Tying video
Prince Nymph

One of the top selling fly patterns of all time is the Prince Nymph. It seems to have all the right materials combined in the right way to make a really good attractor pattern. I think the secret sauce is the Peacock and the Biots. Whatever it is the Trout, Bass, Panfish, Steelhead seem to really like it. So wherever you live tie some up, fill your box, and fish it on your local pond, stream, river ,lake....It works everywhere.

  • Daiichi Nymph Hook sizes 10,12
  • Uni-thread 8/0
  • Peacock
  • Gold tinsel
  • Brown and White Goose biots
  • Brown Whiting Saddle hackle
  • Optional Gold bead 3.2mm


October 2019 Beginner Tying Video
Prince Nymph

One of the top selling flies of all time is the Prince Nymph. What makes the Prince nymph so popular? Well first, it catches fish. Why does it catches  fish? It has all the elements of a good all around attractor pattern-peacock, boots, a little flash, hackle. Whatever it is about the combination of those materials put together to make the Prince seem to drive all kinds of fish crazy. Trout, Bass, Panfish, Steelhead...they all love it. So tie some up and fill your box.


  • Daiichi Nymph hook
  • Gold Bead 3.2mm
  • 8/0 Uni thread
  • Peacock
  • Gold flash
  • Brown and White goose biots
  • Brown Whiting saddle hackle
  • dubbing for underbody



September 2019 Beginner Tying video

September is hopper season so I wanted to share a simple hopper pattern that I've been using over the last few years. Its a smaller hopper with a good profile. The foam helps it float, the yarn wing helps you see it on the water. I hope you enjoy the MEADOW HOPPER


  • Daiichi Dry fly hook
  • Pre cut hopper bodies
  • Gray yarn
  • 6/0 thread
  • Round barred rubber legs
  • super glue


August Beginner tying video

One of our longtime subscribers requested we do a Scud pattern. I thought this was a great idea. A Scud is basically a freshwater shrimp that is found in the vegetation along stream beds and lakes. Trout love em. This pattern features Wapsi scud dubbing, with Thin Skin along the back and is ribbed with wire.


  • Daiichi Scud Hooks
  • Wapsi Sow Scud Dubbing in Olive
  • 8/0 Uni Thread
  • Mottled Wapsi Scud back
  • small silver wire
  • Strung hackle fibers 

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